Nature House was created 13 years ago by Sarah De Nurtcheylo.


Setting off with nature in at the heart and a big desire to connect children to nature theirs and nature outside, I wanted children to experience and develop a sense of inner freedom, self confidence, self directed courage and personal resilience that seemed a long way from the modern sterile world children were living in.  


This passion led me to setting up a number of Forest Schools, working within schools developing outdoor learning  cross-curricula programmes and training up teachers.  My drive to link people and nature and a love of creating activities and resources to do this, led me to create and  deliver nature based learning and activity programmes and fun interactive resources for the National Trust, RHS, Natural England, Woodland Trust, Parks and other nature based visitor attractions. 


Alongside this, I recognised that schools could not regularly visit woods or nature so 7 years ago using funding experience, project management skills and conservation knowledge we secured fund and developed community wildlife and food gardens for local and school use and provided supportive training packages to give practical support. 


Nature House now combines its passion for nature, conservation education, personal well-being and development and inspirational creativity to bring you its new unique blend of nature connection experiences and services for individuals, groups and teams and whole organisations.

Sarah De Nurtcheylo


Community Project Manager, Conservationist,

Educator, Forest School Practitioner, 

Creative Writer & Illustrator and Counsellor.

When I was five years old I lived in a big old house amongst fields of wildflowers, wide open spaces and native woodland.  Throughout my childhood, I made a strong and deep connection with nature surrounding me creating memories of playing out for hours on end, just me and my brother and occasionally a friend. This was my place of freedom, pleasure and experimentation.

As I grew older, nature was my nourishment but home life felt more constricted, I was raised in mixed parentage and my Asian father as his heritage expected held tight rules around performance gaining position and money to uphold family dignity and respect, this was far from my dreams of being a marine biologist.  I tugged against it, fearful of rejection, I towed the family line, and ended up in a series of professional careers that although not my passion have all contributed in some way to the work I do today.

After having my daughter and ending up a single parent, I set my goal to get back to where my heart was.  When are you going to get a real job? My mum would say.  But nature beckoned me it was in my roots and lodged deep inside so I started my new career volunteering at Calderdale Countryside Services at Ogden Water.


That was the start of it all, no money, a heart full of passion and an eye on the goal.  I always dreamed of working for the National Trust or someplace like it but somehow that door never opened for me.


13 years on, I sit back and think wow! So much has changed since those early days with much of what I set out to do in place: forest schools, community nature & food gardens, trained up teachers, story trails for kids, a story book for the Woodland Trust and lots more nature connected people as a result.  Ironically, I have worked with nearly all the big wildlife organisations not as staff but as one paid to deliver their passion. There is more demand for my diverse skills and knowledge than there has ever been but there is more to be done, I have only just touched the surface.

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