Terwickety meets the children

Scene from The Spirit of Skipton Castle Woods Story book

Leo and Magic

Conisbrough Mill Piece fun resource for children

Crumple theOak

Devonshire Park Tree spirit

Alien's on the moon

Spirit of the woods

Spirit of Skipton Castle Woods - Dryada the woodland spirit

Waterbababies Mrs Bedonebyasyoudid 001

The Waterbabies resource for The National Trust

Terwickety on broomstick 001

Sketch of Terwickety, Skipton Castle Wood Story Book

Janet Queen of the Fairies

National Trust Story Trail

Devonshire the bat at the Gates

Devonshire Park Children's Tree Trail

Turkey oak

Turkey Oak Tree character for the Devonshire Park Children's Tree Trail

Fairy House

Arocar the wizard

Wizard at Conisbrough Mill Piece, Leo and the Kept Dragon Learning resource

Clifford in the oven

Client: Cliffe Castle Park & Museum

Diving in the pond

Smok dives into the pond and visits the land of dragons

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