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Spider - The Creative Power

On Saturday, i was running our 'Into the Wild' workshop with Aless Bowditch of Creative Innerscapes. I asked everyone there to pick a 'creature' to take on their journey into the woods.

This morning I was reminded of the power of creatures and what they mean when I saw spider with her dew laden webs strung out across the moor this morning, waiting in hopeful anticipation of catching a morsel or two.

'Spider' in Native American Indian cultures means weaving a web of creation. Getting out there and creating in the universe.

I asked myself how many webs does a spider create in a day, in its lifetime? I noticed one spider at the gate that seemed to have spun several webs. Some were at the front and others behind.

At the moment, I am in a place of change and am out there creating new services putting out there the things I want to grow into and love to do but with no idea whether they will catch a morsel or two. I am full of hope and anticipation and am taking the risk. Balanced with this, I have in my rear pocket a back up plan, my secondary web.

What I know is that the things that I need will take off, sometimes these are things that I expect and other times they aren't but what I know is whichever they are, they always are always surprising and have something new to teach me.

Spider - the power of creativity

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